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Here we write a paragraph about the barbershop and the values it upholds to. This can be anything from the history of its opening to the expertise of the staff members and the owner to the strict values the barbershop upholds to. 

Its recommended that at least one paragraph be used to describe the origins of the barbershop and how it came about. This can be written in as much detail or drama as required. The more engaging the better. 

The second paragraph can be used to describe the values of the barbershop. Good values to include are: 

  1. customer service: the customer wants to know they are being looked after

  2. skills and expertise: how long have you been cutting hair and what makes your salon is different 

  3. quality satisfaction: another reassurance to the customer that the service is based around them and their needs. 

  4. point of difference: what makes this barbershop different from the one down the road?

In the third paragraph we can talk about the services your salon offers from hair cuts to fades to beard trimming to hair art to hair colouring. The more services we can write about in this paragraph the easier it is to find your business on Google and in turn the easier it is for your customers to find you.  


We need to write something about the barbershop and who you are. This is engaging to your website visitors but more importantly it gives Google information on what your website it about



List the services you offer and the categories.  Below we only have hair and beard services listed as an example

We offer the following services to cater for hair and beard styles to cater for the latest trends


Standard Haircut


Zero / Skin Fade Haircut


Kids Haircut under 12 years old


Student Haircut


Seniors Haircut above 65 or pension


Buzz Cut


Head Shave



Beard Maintenance


Beard Fade


Clean Shave




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123 Example Lane,

Imaginationville, 1234 


Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 5.30pm
​Sunday: 10am - 4pm

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Whats Included

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  • Rank number 1 on Google in your suburb (both Google search and Google Maps)

  • Full compatibility for mobile phone users (50% of all Google searches are on a mobile phone)

  • Click to call button on every page 

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  • Full online booking system synced with your website

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    • Take bookings through Instagram 

    • Take bookings through your website 

    • Have all your bookings synced in one location  

  • FREE custom domain name made for your business

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*if your business is not number 1 in Google for your suburb after 3 months we give you your money back 

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